• Tracking

    • Global coverage (A1 + A2 + A3 + A4 Zone)
    • Real-time position reports (with speed and heading)
    • Zone management (geo-fencing)
    • Airtime cost control by zone (at port)

  • Remote Control

    • Consultation of terminal parameters (ON, OFF, battery on, etc.)
    • Modification of terminal settings (reporting frequency…)
    • Positions on demand (polling)
    • Consultation of archived positions (tracking replay mode)
    • Sensor monitoring
    • Zones updatable remotely

  • Alarm

    • Alarms triggered by geographic event (entry/exit of zone, vessel at port or stationary) or by modification of a technical parameter (loss of Iridium or GPS signal, power supply failure, battery back-up ON/OFF…)
    • Assistance messages

  • Communication

    • Connects to tablet

  • Benefits

    • Global satellite tracking, logbook and email
    • Reliable
    • Good working status indicator and test button
    • Extended battery life (10 days*)
    • Up to 90 days data memory
    • 2 years warranty

Physical and Environmental Characteristics

Dimensions (H x W x L)

Dome: 200mm x 110mm x 118mm
Junction box: 121mm x 66mm x 52mm

Junction box

Connection interface forPCor data terminal (sub-D9 –RS232 connector)
(Tx,Rx,Control,GND) 9 600 bps)

Visual display

LEDdisplays power status, reception of text messages/warning messages/alerts
System test button (beacon + service)

Audible alarm/buzzer

Activated when beacon is not functioning properly


Dome: IP67
Junction box IP54

Power supply voltages

Optimal :DC + 12V or 24V (Operational :DC10V to 30 V, with protection up to 50V)

Internal battery

*Up to 10 days when sending 1 position/hour

Internal memory

Storage of up to: 8700 positions (90 days x 1 position/15 minutes)


Multichannel 50 ch




1. Tampering detector if transceiver is dismounted
2. Tamperproof screws
3. Tampering detector that generates a warning message when the dome is opened