Use the app

Fast, Easy, Reliable two-way communication

Install the THORIUM VMS unit on your vessel and download the app to your tablet or smartphone.

Space travel

THORIUM sends your message to the satellite constellation.

Iridium satellite network carries your emails, weather requests, and e-forms between you and your recipient in just a few seconds.

Get online

THORIUM Web lets you see your data in new ways.

Use an array of data sets to track vessel positions, catch and e-forms information that can help you better manage your business.


Fish markets work around the clock and so should your email. Even if you work outside cell phone range, it is vital to be in constant touch with the market, the office and even your home. THORIUM ensures your email is reliable and fast.


Accurate and reliable weather data are critical when you are on the High Seas. THORIUM delivers the updates you need wherever you are around the world.


Electronic forms, or e-logbooks streamline your reporting duties and ensure maritime compliance wherever you operate. Gone are paper logbooks and other traditional means of reporting. Input the information you need, and THORIUM does the rest.


THORIUM provides real-time GPS positioning around the world and custom display of the official NOAA zones. Be alerted in case you enter or exit the zones you select to display on the THORIUM high definition map. Share any kind of points of interest with other boats at sea.


THORIUM allows you to send regular sensor information on shore, visualize your various on-board sensors, and set up local and remote alerts to manage your boat at anytime from anywhere.