A world-class charter fleet, healthy oceans, and thriving coastal communities make Gulf of Mexico charter fishing the best in the world!

In the fall of 2015, Gulf charter captains, scientists, and fisheries managers began to participate in the largest-ever electronic data collection program for recreational fisheries. This continuing project is now in Phase III, offering free ELB units to AL, MS, FL and LA.

The project has two goals:

1. To improve recreational fisheries data by inviting captains in the Gulf of Mexico Charter Fleet to transition from paper catch reporting to electronic reporting.

2. To provide electronically-reported data to NOAA which seeks to enhance its existing collection efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

What you will receive

  • Thorium Unit

    Each participant will have a THORIUM unit professionally installed at no charge. Participating captains pay a one-time satellite activation charge of $60 and agree to monthly satellite service charges of $79/month.

  • Project Data Collection System

    Each vessel will have a data collection system installed that includes a satellite data communications beacon and a tablet to use for filling out electronic forms.

  • Access to project data

    In addition, captains and vessel owners will have access to all of their electronic data.  Each participating captain/vessel owner will be provided with security credentials to login and see the data associated with their vessel.

  • Benefits

    • Satellite Email
    • Satellite Weather Updates
    • Secure, online access to data
    • Ability to layer oceanographic data over location and catch data

To join the project, just email us at support@woodsholegroup.com. Each participant will have a Thorium unit professionally installed. The cost of the hardware and installation is FREE! The captains pay a one-time satellite activation charge of $60 and monthly satellite service charges of $79/month.